SWEPCO Rebate Management

As a qualified SWEPCO Small business program contractor, Arkansas Telecom Management can process the SWEPCO rebate program for your small business. After a simple evaluation, we can provide you with a comprehensive energy reduction plan approved by the SWEPCO rebate program. This plan will include a proposal for the installation of the new energy efficient equipment minus the SWEPCO rebate, and your business is only responsible for the balance after installation.

Return on Your Investment     

With a short evaluation of your property, our specialized team can give you a expected return on your investment. The average RIO is 20 months, Depending on the size of your property and the quality of your existing fixtures and bulbs, we can show you how much energy you can save each month.

How it works

We put you in contact with a SWEPCO energy adviser and qualify your business for the incentive program.  Then we schedule a walk through of your property to see what energy saving  measures can be installed to offer you the highest cost savings. A detailed quote will be proposed for the installation of the cost saving products that deducts the incentive offered by SWEPCO. The incentive is paid directly to Arkansas Telecom and you are only responsible for the difference. The funds through SWEPCO are allocated from your existing SWEPCO bill, why not take advantage of a service your already paying for from SWEPCO.